The Game of Shackles and Shadows

In the forsaken lands of Tenebrous, a hero lies dying. Sign his contract to inherit his shattered spirit and possess his frail body. Through his vessel, wield a deck of cursed cards to unravel the dark tapestry of the realms. Uncover ancient secrets and stolen lore, but beware: with each victory, the contract binds you tighter. Are you prepared to forsake your own mortality and enthrone yourself as the Eternal Vessel of the Lost Hero?

Sign the pact. Seal your fate.

Join the eternal struggle to claim the fragments of the shattered realms. Prepare to surrender, but never surrender.


Choose your Hero

Aleister Hero Character


Sir Aleister, a chivalrous knight, lies mortally wounded on the blood-soaked battlefield. A veteran of countless wars, he fought valiantly, but the toll of his injuries are too great to overcome. His fading light seeks a worthy successor...

Hecate Hero Character


Hecate, a worn mage, lies defeated in the Tower's depths. Once a master of dark magic, he sought forbidden power, only to be bested by the very forces he sought to control. His fading breath whispers secrets to those who would claim his pact...

Theregar Hero Character


Theregar, a cunning rogue, clings to life in the city's dark alleys. Wounded and betrayed, her latest heist gone wrong, she faces her mortality. Her final whispers hold secrets of the shadows, waiting for a worthy successor to claim her pact and continue her legacy of mischief

Roth Hero Character


Rokh, a ruthless Orc warrior, lies wounded in the mountain's snow, his battle-axe still clutched in hand, his fierce heart beating faintly, his last breaths whispering defiance, his legacy unwritten.

Choose your starting point

(Under Constuction)

Unleash your revenge upon mankind as you turn and look towards the human cities, only to see a great pillar of flame hit their cathedrals, the ensuing shockwave and flamewall erasing all signs of their kingdoms' existence.

The Insights of Tenebrous

Hu Shun Xiao
'Binder's Fate' is a game that I wanted to play. Huge kudos to my AI BFFs for conjuring a game that's so out-of-this-world, it's leaving me starstruck! Very happy being only human in the loop.

Gavin BIC, Lead Developer

Rob Auguste
I designed the 'Edgeless Domain' of illustrations for 'Binder's Fate', conjuring a mystical realm of ancient magic and forgotten lore.

Mio Journet, Senior Game Artist

Antonio Kirill
"Binder's Fate" is a masterclass in deckbuilder-roguelike fusion, boasting addictive gameplay and depth, but I'd love to see more surprises in card draws and a stronger narrative punch.

Meteo Ramas, Senior Game Designer

Summon us

Whether the whispers of the arcane beckon you, or the thrill of fate's uncertainty drives you, stay awhile and inscribe your thoughts upon our parchment. If the shuffle of cards has led you astray, or the binder's trials have bested you, pour out your heart and share your tale of woe. If the siren's call of deckbuilding mastery summons you, summon us, and let us initiate you into the mysteries of the binder's art.

Furthermore, if you wish to chronicle your journey through the realms of fate, recount your triumphs and tribulations, that we may rejoice in your glory or learn from your struggles.

By all means, feel free to contact us, in the great library of Binder's Fate (Discord Server)